The Problem with Cheetahs

Datum objavljivanja: 28. Vel 2021.
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  • Hey teir zoo what do you think of squirrel players mastery of the games falling physics?

  • The tiger build is my favorite

  • make a video on the Devonian period pls

  • My rabbit could EASILY take out a cheetah

  • You should make an ant build tier list

  • Talk about Jaguarundi

  • doing a seagull play through, anybody will to trade some shny rocks for some a sandwich

  • Me waiting

  • Can you talk about hybrid players

  • Cheetahs intimidation ability needs to be sounds like a bird so it doesnt scare that much but is great if you wanna farm hunting xp because it will attract birds

  • Would you ever consider adding a perception stat or is that included in Intelligence

  • What is taking Tier Zoo so long to upload?!

    • So, you're new here

  • what would happen if you put them on the australian server ?

  • I'm really drawn to unusual strats (for example, I main Abathur in HotS), and I've heard a lot of hype recently for the Virus class in Outside. I'd be curious to hear your thoughts on Virus's matchups in the current meta and what kind of counterplay I can expect from other players if I start a Virus playthrough

  • Honestly, if Cheetahs actually tried to evolve some sort if tail weapon, or at least use their long tails like whips, they might be able to defend themselves somewhat better.

  • What about a swan tear list ?

  • I’m not sure if you’ve done mongoose but you should do “are mongooses op?” I think it would make a great video cause mongooses beat snakes up for fun.

  • Hey tierzoo its about that time for another upload right 😅

  • you should make a video about speculative zoology and possible future builds

  • Yo bro, where you at?

  • Yo TierZoo I play a Prey build, lagomorph type and have been trying different Rabbit builds. I can't wrap my head around how to win, when I'm seemingly the target of everyone else. Any advice?

  • Interested in seeing a breakdown of the serval and caracal builds. I think they are good compromises for cheetah mains that are looking for a high mobility playstyle, while still keeping some of the stealth and defense benefits the cat faction is best known for.

  • Are you alive, TierZoo?

  • Alright, we've gone on for too long without it. We need the Insect Tier List.

  • They put all their stat points into speed.

  • ded

  • Tree tier list

  • South America server?

  • What happened to this guy

  • Do more gameplay

  • Could you do an insect tier list?

  • Hey tierzoo, do you think you can do a video on the modern meta.

  • So this channel is dead now, right? No video in 2 months

    • No take a look at the history I imagine these take quite a while to research and edit

  • is this a game or no if yes plz send me link to game

  • Since the cheetah followed the dog player base by giving up its retractable claws in order to gain traction, I feel its best option for survival is to put its evolution points into even more dog traits, particularly pack living. Having a pack lifestyle would be especially helpful for protecting young, as it would prevent smaller predators like jackals from taking advantage.

  • Wake me up when cheetahs get buffed in the next update...

  • Just discovered the channel from mossbag and now this is my new favourite channel! :D

  • How is this game called i want to install it

  • please do chickens, they are basicaly ripoffs of raptors from bacm when dinosaurs where a thing but just smarter, can you make a video on chickens?

  • Can you do a tier list on the builds of the future is wild plz

  • Jesus Christ - Executive Producer on Life

  • Do a dog breed tier list! German shepard and wolfdogs: s-tier Bulldog: F-tier Chihuahua: d-tier?

  • I think he is dead.

  • 4:34 don't mind me just putting a time stamp to my favorite part of the video.

  • Please to a Hyena analysis!! They’re my favs because of their interesting biology. (the only other animal with painful births, dominant females, neither cat or dog etc.)

  • Can someone tell me if this is a game, or is he just spitting fact?

  • Dear Tier zoo how do I change main

    • Once you get a game over, you can re-roll for a random class.

  • can you do an analysis of one of the newest and most controversial build, the robot?

  • Can you do a video on how the human META is leading to a loss of intelligence due to specialization in penis size and/or rich parents builds instead of creativity and teamwork? Thus seriously hampering our chances of achieving the “spacefaring” achievement required to participate in the “aliens and space” dlc?

  • I guess speed is not better then power.

  • When next video?


  • cheetah main are just skilled players who want that dark soul experience

  • Make a video on sabertooth tiger

  • You've already done a video on how humans could be nerfed, but I would love to see one on how other builds could be buffed in order to compete. Or even a video on the best anti-human builds. A video on G.O.A.T. builds would also be great.

  • Hi tier zoo! I have a few possible tier list suggestions that I think could be cool or fun! I think it might be neat to do a fungus tier list! Here you can cover everything from those who end up as bottom tier food, to those who can become parasites My other suggestion is to do a subnautica tier list. While this might be a thing that is only accessible in the game through a mod, it is still a highly interesting mod with high levels of variety and fascinating ideas, and a lot of the creatures have features from actual in game character types.

  • Mossbag brought me great. What a great channel. after watching a ton of your videos. I like how you teach me stuff while I'm having fun which is a rare skill. Definitly S Tier on the human teaching tree

  • Sorta surprised cheetahs haven't been legitimately domesticated. They are very dog like for a cat , there are no documented cases of wild cheetahs eating people , they can work in small groups. All the makings of a trainable hunting partner are there.

  • The finishing soundtrack of your videos sounds familiar from a documentary series I used to watch as a kid but I can't remember what it is called tho?

  • Hello. I must ask u if you will make an animals who counter top tier meta animals

  • Teir Zoo, big fan, watched all your vids and the rewatch value is great. Not sure if you watch anime but the show HunterxHunter has these species called a chimera ant that reproduces by phagogenesis, long story short there was a cross between a human and a cheeta and it makes me wonder if the Cheetah was given the incredible stamina of a human in addition to their #1 speed, how would that effect their spot in the meta? Maybe one day do a “If cheetahs were buffed” vid, just a suggestion! Thanks for the great videos over the years

    • They could occupy huge areas damn, it’d be like they have cars

  • I wish tierzoo would make a video about crossbreeded animals

  • thx i was wondering if i should main cheetah now i change my mind

  • Are you alive bc I’ve been waiting on a post

    • Look at when his videos are released, it takes 1-3 months to do this

  • Just a question, what is this game called? it looks really cool and I'm saving money to get it. thanks.

    • @Lapismancer k thanks mu user will be FunkyWunky_YT so u can add me if ur in na west

    • It's called Earth, i think it costs 14.99 on steam but its worth it.

  • This game sounds fun, how do I start?

  • Here from mossbag's video. Probably going to binge this channel, I love being tricked into learning.

    • @Carlos no problem man, YT app isnt reliable.

    • @Brody Gray bruh youtube didn't notify me, thanks for answering

    • @Carlos the newest one, which featured TierZoo.

    • Tell me Wich mossbag Vídeo.

  • Protect cheetah frens at all cost.

  • Cheeto

  • can you make a parrot tier list?

  • While they do have weaknesses, we need to help the player community and preserve the player base


  • Can you explain the mammal tier list? I'd really like to. It's because well i like mammals... the examples : Bulls, Deers, Tigers, etc.

  • Devs need to nerf the cat species

  • Hey tz, may we please get a crab tier list?

  • 3:11 lmao moment 😂

  • Where are you tierzoo :(

  • Could we see a bacterial tierlist (i.e. not kingdom Animalia nor kingdom Planate) oh and a blurb on viruses would be cool. I think there Bots

  • Can you have a tier list of beasts of eocene oligocene and miocene ?

  • If you could evolve them to have lethal fur or some substance.

  • Cheeto

  • Did he stop posting or is he just working on a new video

  • Tier zoo, For 5 or 10M subs I dare you to make the game for real and actually start off with those Cambrians then make the dinosaurs and allow players to chose what era to play in as you later make more, Personally, I would pay 80 dollars for the game.

  • When will the developers ever buff the cheetahs

  • Petition to make this a real game

  • 7:13 Cheetahs face when you explain why Cheetahs are a failure of a species, and then shout out a video about them

  • do a video on the giant forest hog (comment down below if you agree or like i don't care ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )

  • in the ¨are humans overpowerd¨ video you said you would make a powercreep video. That was 2 years ago. is it still coming?

  • Hey its been a while since you posted so I had a video idea, how about a video on advantages and disadvantages of herbivores and carnivores (maybe also include a bit about omnivores)

  • Question unrelated to the video, but where do pufferfish and blowfish end up on the tier list in general?

  • wait i never knew cheetahs could hunt in groups. that's really fckn cool

  • I would love to see the analysis of crabs, specifically carcinisation (players keep evolving into crabs from different starters)

    • he already made it

  • there’s this fan game of outside called “Alien Biosphere” by Biblaridon. The 10th has come out and I was wondering if you’d be interested.

  • Love the Pokémon music at the weaknesses

  • Dude pls do a bird teir list, but you don't have to include every bird.

  • is there coming a microism tier list?

  • Yo can you do was kaprosuchus OP or the genus mahajangasuchid as a whole

  • cheetah was hanging around a level 50 crocodile pond, his fault

  • Idd loved the music switch to the new pokemon stadion music

  • It's been years since I've played Black Ops. This music was getting to me on why I couldn't place it.