The Fish Tier List

Datum objavljivanja: 5. Lis 2020.
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Music: Flute Salad cover by @LudiGamez
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    • Wait where is pufferfish

    • @A G i wasn't rlly looking at the video as a fish tier list i was more looking at it like a marine life tier list

    • @mike jellyfish are not fish!!!!!

    • I wish I could but I’m to young to have face book:(

    • What about jellyfish

  • I personally main pufferfish bc high defense and you can eat small fish for growth. Highly underrated I’d say b tier also they’re passive ability of Respawn time being very short is amazing

  • This game seems like one that I'd like a whole lot

  • Swordfish is melee Marth

  • can you do a deep sea creatures tier list?

    • He's made a Deep Sea video, though it isn't formatted as a tier list since we don't really know about the meta down there. Here's the link:

  • Nice video! Good info and amazing background music hehe

  • Any fish that use sticks?

  • Being a seahorse main, I agree that we need a buff!

  • cephalopod gang

  • how bout the goldfish

  • Of course the top guy is the one with the sword

  • billfish are crazy : excellent with catching pray with its swords , defense speed and swim as a gang that even strong fish and sharks can get very tuff with it , they are like trained swords men for me .

  • What am i watching

  • I assume Tiger fish and Goliath Tiger fish would be A tier then since that's where the Pike are

  • I feel like some of these fish are like the gamer who puts on the cool armor and not the strong armor or weapons

  • who else thinks swordfish are like ninjas high speed the sword hunts in groups

  • 11:34, geez seeing those eyes pop out, yikes....

  • Ok guys who made the salmon and the pelican fuck

  • is this roleplaying ?

  • I love these

  • The needless hobbies extraorally tease because heron strangely wriggle after a false familiar famous titanium. psychedelic, tame ex-husband

  • im confused is this a real game?

  • What game?

  • Frogfish main here

  • If a lion and a grizzly bear fought for whatever reason which could win

  • What if Sharks evolve to get wing fins? Flying sharks.

  • Forgot A+ tier arapaima it can grow to 10 ft, eats piranhas ,has Salmon like mobility,... just look it up !!!

  • That cat got eaten

  • If somebody made a good game from this ill pay good money

  • This guy sees the world like a terminator.

  • How are Sunfish or Seahorses not extinct?

  • what is this, did i just watch zoomer documentary

  • Anyone else here eating Goldfish (the crackers) while watching the video? Good Job Tier Zoo for the amazing videos.

  • Anyone know the name of the song that plays when TierZoo is talking about the Lionfish?


  • What song is playing at 7:45 I know I’ve heard it before I’ve been searching for 2 hours

  • sunfish is blissey

  • I know he already did an eel but I feel like the electric eel build should've been mentioned.

  • If this is a game please tell me

  • One thing I noticed nobody mentioning is that Billfish Require extra equipment to actually catch. Rather than just a Fishing Rod and some bait, those Billfish F**kers are in fact SO strong they even need a special Chair (Called a fighting Chair) to facilitate catching them. And even with the Chair it still takes forever to reel them in.

  • My two favorite fish were eliminated in the f tier :(

  • Aripima

  • i would pay 70 bucks for this game

  • S=Busted A=Holy shit u made it this far B=heh? C=die D=bruh seriously? E=not even a single soul F= FFFFFFF

  • eyes pop out 11:34

  • Im going to kms

  • If you have a sword on your face you're op

  • Surprised you didn't list Barracuda or Angler Fish

  • What is the music at 6:42

  • ok but arent there more fish tho

  • Yea the bill fish is good because its one of the very few dishes to adopt aoe dmg. The thing is that in water, aoe is not very easy to build, so choosing high mobility or high single target dmg and the rare defence strat is more favourable

  • 7.35 as a archer past archer fish main, i can say archer fish use to give a unique ability if built correctly, basically when there were more food sources, archer mains will move in groups and with correct builds which focus on group buffs, we can move quickly and quickly fight back against predators. However ks not worth now adays as food sources doesn't make up for the mana use even if you build mana group buff

  • I'd play as a parrotfish, which is a solid mid-tier tropical fish build. The best buff on the parrotfish though, is the mucus shield, which triples in strength during sleep cycles.

  • please tell me the cat is okay 😔😔

  • no alligator gar??

  • I must know... What is the name of the song he uses for the Archer Fish?

  • Mom: "What are you doing?" Me: "Studying."

  • When is this going to be an actual game?

  • It nothing realty. The moray eel just uses depth strider

  • Billfish? More like Pinocchio fish

  • I’d love to see a tier list of animals with ranged attacks or an overview of the best ranged builds.

  • Music used in mario sunshine

  • Ok, I generally stay away from the aquatic life meta (I'm kinda scared of depths), so I'm by no means an expert, but seriously... Sunfish players, just... Why?

  • Snakehead: allow me to introduce myself

  • i am a pike main they are just so cute and strong :D

  • 14:01 the moray eel got stuck

    • What tier zoo says that they don't get stuck on reefs

  • 11:34 lol

  • 8:03

  • No alligator gar?

  • The salmon has an ace up the sleeve. a comeback mechanic if you will. If you are skilled enough and live long enough you have the option to mate in which you will attain your ultimate form. increased dexterity, attack and health but decreased energy in large amounts. after the mating process you can only live for up 2 weeks but you become an absolute monster if you have the energy for it. it's a do or die scenario. this transformation gives a lot of EXP and that's why the salmon is considered the 'farming fish' (in-game of course). i like to call it the 'skill fish' though because of how much skill you need for the transformation.


  • As long as it can be killed and eaten nothing is overpowered

  • Do you play

  • wat about a snakehead fish

  • new comfort vid unlocked ty

  • i wanna play this game so bad... i guess i could go outside .....nah

  • tuna? coy?

  • Is this a real game? If it is please tell me what its its called

  • These videos unironically help me learn about the history of the earth more than school does.


  • Sailfish

  • You forgot the south american eletric eel...

  • That elephant was like what the fuck did you just say

  • The music choices were spot on for each character 10/10

  • Legal eagle sent me here and I swear this is the best youtube content Ive seen in a while *subcribed*

  • Where do you place tuna on the list?

  • What song is at 6:43?

  • is this a game? whats the name?

  • You better be sure that I murdered tf outta that subscribe button

  • the archerfish is so cooool lol

  • Okay, "Muskelunge" is definitely a pokemon name. So stop your lies.

  • Dude fuck lionfish. Invasive shits. One day I'm gonna go to Florida and join the Lionfish Derby down there.

  • What about the allagotor gar... How do you they rack up

  • Hi! Can anyone help me? What’s the song at 14:30? Thanks and have a great day!!

  • I feel like I'm watching Animal Planet in 2035

  • This just makes me want an RPG game with fish

  • This is making studying animals so much more fun

  • How are you so nerdy

  • You know, we SHOULD! make outside! hahaha it seem slike it would be a fun game

  • I hated when they nerfed the shark sheesh