Are Insects Getting Banned?

Datum objavljivanja: 15. Svi 2019.
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Footage Sources:
Dragonfly nymph:
Mayfly nymph:
Bee pollination:
Ladybug eats aphid:
Carpenter bee:
Special thanks to Entomologist Phil Torres from the channel The Jungle Diaries for helping me write this script. Check out his channel here:


  • You should do a ant tier list.

  • Not a fan of roaches or yellow jackets (especially the latter). Bees are all right but only when I'm not anywhere near them.

  • Have you been outside during spring in awhile?

  • HOLY HELL DID THAT MURDER HORNET JUST CAP A FUCKING RAT?! Welp, dolphins, the world is yours! bye! Have fun dealing with the rat killing superbugs!

  • I'm sad that the devs have come to this, maybe they won't end up making the update

  • Me an entophobic spamming the ingame chat to ban insects be like:

  • Mosquitos are getting buffed(and nerfed a tiny bit). Without Dragonfly nymphs to eat them mosquitos will spike in numbers and make sure the baby dragonflies don't grow into adult dragonflies. Also humans have been making a lot of Nitrogen and Phosphorus lately for their crops but apparently humans have been making too much. This extra Nitrogen and Phosphorus get washed into the seas by rainwater. This will cause algae blooms and baby mosquitos love to eat algae. Plus there is no fish to eat the algae blooms

  • Can you do one on bees?

  • 4:01 oh no

  • Need to get the wasp spray item to minimize the terrain control wasp will have after the balance

  • Only ogs remember how op they used to be

  • evry day for the past few years i had these ladybugs that visited me house, but recently theyve stopped coming and my parents said they aren't coming back. I think they;ve been banned pls help

  • Oh god I hate this game

  • Tier List ... is fok'n Stupid .... Life Ain't a Dam Game This is the Level of Stupid as the world is a Matrix and the world is flat ...

  • i was considering an insect build first too but then went for human because they can achieve cuddle with cat

  • over here the ladybug does seem in decline slowly being replaced by the dirty foreigner ladybug.

  • So you're telling me that in WALL-E the world would be infested with yellowjackets?

  • Yuo,

  • So all the cool insects are being banned and the trash ones are getting buffed

  • is it bad that I trust this guy more than scientist that research animals?

  • “Yellow jackets and cockroaches are getting buffed” OH FOR F**KS SAKE WHY WHY WHY At least mosquitos might be getting nerfed. BUT CMON DEVS WHATS WRONG WITH YOU??? PLS NERF THE YELLOW JACKETS-

  • Im currently being affected by a hunger debuff......

  • I hope so. Sick of mosquito bites.

  • 3:54 everything shit comes from Africa

  • Which games uses this soundtrack? Edit:

  • Anyone else here mains human?

  • guys what if Coronavirus is made by tier zoo to nerf humans????

  • I would love to play this game... Oh

  • I would love to play this game... Oh

  • 😭😭😭😥

  • Btw i think humans have unlocked extincion on other mains bc thei have the choice to make them all dei ngl u need to make how op human gear really is as an human main i have good gear .

  • Please do meliponini bees tier list

  • Guys I fucked up my build. How do I reset?

  • 5:32 do I want to know what they're doing-

  • "Player base" missed a chance to say 'Lobby'

  • The berserk fortnight ontogenetically blot because hand simplistically ask up a natural almanac. discreet, trashy mail

  • Are we not gonna talk about the black ops 2 theme booming in the background

  • Pls ban them

  • epicly the 6666 comment lol

  • Meanwhile in somalia....

  • Genetic algorithms are slow. Due to the insectoid players quick respawn time, they can at least adapt quicker to this than other species could. Due to much higher respawn, crossover and mutation happens more quickly than in other builds.

  • why does he sound like that wavy red headed kid from godzilla mendoza

  • Buffed! Yaya

  • Nom nom

  • This is why the DEVS are dumb, why would you create an AI (humans) in a game that works with a strict set of operating rules? The installed AI is bound to be overpowered.

  • no one will complain if insects get banned especially cockroaches

    • You will eventually. Cockroaches and Mosquitoes do nothing for the human playerbase, but the Bee players are responsible for transporting their XP to plants, giving us crops to eat.

  • I'm not a big believer in "today's science" especially when people say stupid shit like cow-farts are killing our planet while we waste billions of rain-forest acres on toxic soy, rapeseed, and GMO corn fields. My main problem is the mosquito build. They need to get some major nerfs if not banned with their illegal use of botting!

  • Cockroaches and yellow jackets: * gets buffed * Me: 'goddamnit..." A type of grasshopper: * gets banned * Me: "PRAISE THE DEVS!"

  • Me being allergic to wasp and insects: I’m in *danger*

  • Fig Wasps are crazy: "After going through the pupal stage, the mature male’s first act is to mate with a female - before the female hatches. Consequently, the female will emerge pregnant. The males of many species lack wings and cannot survive outside the fig for a sustained period of time. After mating, a male wasp begins to dig out of the fig, creating a tunnel through which the females escape. "

  • I don't know if writing this as a balance patch was the right approach here, because all of these things are being caused by humans (other players) and not the Devs. Instead, I think he should have described it as human players' new industrial play style making it harder for insect players

  • ...Why did it take youtube a year to show this to me? I'm pretty sure that I was subscribed before then...

  • Dragonflies are my all time favorite insect, so this saddens me...

  • what about the virus that damages bees' wings? Can you make a video about that? hint - Paul Stamets

  • it's a shame praying mantises get nerfed slightly, even if it's not much, I think it was pretty balanced before, they should hit the spiders next

  • Love the content

  • Fungi helps abundantly as well, insects correspond with mycology, one mushroom is know to help the bees

  • I main the elephant because I feel like a god.

  • This update is the first one caused not by the devs, but from other players... I would like to see a tier zoo video on this subject

  • The garrulous paint singly multiply because base objectively puncture off a zesty thing. sweet, sleepy barometer

  • Oh COME ON. When I heard the title I hoped you meant the insects everyone hates, like wasps and cockroaches, BUT NO, the stupid devs decided to ban the insects people LIKE, like butterflies. Also, I would like to point out that you missed the perfect opportunity to call this video a "Bug report"

  • this proves life is a simulation

  • Haha, f*ck you mosquitoes and mites!

  • Insects are the most dangerous and OP beings !!! We dont care ..because they are small and tiny ..and sometimes just annoying ! ..Bit imagine if they weremuch bigger mamals !!! 🤔

  • Do viruses next

  • except landfill biomes AREN'T expanding.

  • I need to upgrade my specs, life plays like shit rn

  • And mosquitos

  • I love dragonflies and bees

  • I love how instead of click baiting anyone you just have bo2 menu music and it's soo much better than anything I could have thought of to get viewers

  • Holy fuck, this makes me hate myself for going human main, this level of griefing should be banned. Devs are obviously punishing human mains.

  • I have now watched EVERY TierZoo video.

  • I've heard that update 1.3.8 about 40 years down the line will make some drastic changes including the Yellowstone Balance Patch. 1.3.7 will also bring the Climate Change Balance Patch so I wonder what life would be like in 1.4

  • Nah I'm done. I'm being an orca player next.

  • This isn't a balance patch, it's just the human players heavily using exploits with no concern to side effects.

  • ant tier list plss

  • Insects: “daddy, what’s wrong?” Devs: “... I’m sorry, little one”

  • Tier zoo makes climate change slightly less depressing

  • The music's too loud.

  • Is human a beginner class due to the fact only humans can watch videos like these?

  • obligatory "great video" comment

  • I know a safe zone insects. And I won’t tell you so nobody will distory there habitat

  • You all also forget, insect builds have been around pretty much as long as terrestrial plants have. None of the post terrestrial extinction events have gotten rid of enough of them to actually really drive the insect player-base out of the game.

  • Nerf the fucking mosquitos

  • Mr stark I dont feel so good

  • PLEASE make a beetle tier list, they make up 25% of all animals

  • guys humans are getting buffed in next patch, apparently we will become 10% larger giving us a major intimidation buff and increasing base HP, and our attack will be raised from 10-15 to 25-40, we will also upgrade our speed from around 12-28 (48-112) to 21-32 (84-128) , we will also have a major intelligence buff and post many new DLC's on the steam page exclusively for human builds, also the orca's stats might be given a buff that is deserved cuz data miners figured out that instead of only a mild 40-60 attack its now raised to 75 and 90 on crits for female, and 95 and 120 on crits for male, we also figured out that the tyrannosaurus rex will have a mobility from only about 12-18 (48-72) to 22-30 (30 isnt accurate but is very possible) (88-120), yes i know a good piece of this news was last update from data miners, but still it doesent have a relevant hold in the meta although its the accurate information, also spinosaurus has been changed to a fully aquatic build, with mobility on land being only about 15 (60) but in water is 22 (88), and i am aware that people are aware of the new spinosaurus news

  • When i finish my main quest(mating) Imma suicide/quit and pick goose so i can bully humans

  • okay sure they are op b but I’m still playing a mammal at the LEAST

  • Says mild winter.....looks outside 4 degrees and 10 inches of snow... yea mild

  • Humans with entomophobia trait be like "yes!yes!yes!" But cockroaches and other insects got buffed"NO!"

  • fig wasps are weird

  • "Mantises are getting buffed" That way they will get their very own S+ tier since they already have the best matchups against the others in their weight class. I am a human main, but mantis main feel welcome

  • I realized the music was familiar, and I think it's from Flood Escape on Roblox.

  • Is there anyone else rewatching all of tierzoos videos

  • Hope so, the insect mains are so anoying, they put all their points in mobility to fly near you and have the agility to escape

  • Is it in the game or the real life? If it’s real it could whip us out!

  • Me: *hears yellow jackets are getting buffed* Now where did I leave my flamethrower?

  • are you ok we arent players we are real people we arent in a game

  • If it leads to a massive spider nerf, then I'm all for it