Are Dolphins OP? | The Whale Tier List

Datum objavljivanja: 13. Ožu 2019.
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Cetaceans are some of the most uniquely powerful builds in the history of the game, with some abilities even humans envy.
Dolphin Echolocation:
Dolphin vs Shark:
Boto Dolphin:
Also Boto Dolphin:
CGI Whale Vs Giant Squid:
Orca Throws Seal:
Orca Baits Bird:


  • I love baleen whales grief krill 😂

  • what game are you playing?

  • I see Tierzoo fulfilled his life porpoise ;)

  • Just like to interject saying that large baleen whales like blue whales and fin whales have such high hp, that even a pod of orca would have trouble killing one, and even if they tried, the risk is far to high due to these large whales being able to deal moderate damage with their tales, but, the calves are still at risk from orca so I'll give you that

  • "boat-oh"

  • Orcas will cause a minor inconvenience, humans will completely decimate the ecosystem, just classic friendly rivalries

  • Mermaids watching this be like 👁️👄👁️

  • so whales just pulled of the mososaurus maneuver

  • I love this channel because it tricks me into learning biology

  • 2:14 me: E-Chocolate.

  • 7:29 bro what the hell

  • exactly like lel

  • My favorite animal has always been the orca. I’ve had plushies of them during early childhood

  • Orca is the dolphin class but cooler and is cool to bully seals players with it

  • R.I.P. Stealth Mains.

  • When pisces(fish) meta meant to be the ocean server ruler, there just another mammal mains that actually became the true ruler. It shows how broken mammal meta in both land and ocean servers

  • So the ones that are the most homicidal are top-tier well shit

  • “Orcas will divert the course of ships, humans will acidity the ocean. You know, classic pranks” 😂

  • All filter feeders are s tier, especially blue whales, as they’re sheer size is on it’s own a lethal weapon(e.g. the tail/fin slap attack). Even orcas don’t mess with them. Baleen target’s the most abundant sea creatures and feeds the whales with a stable, safe source of food coupled with an extremely efficient feeding strategy. It nets them a lot more energy than the amount they expend in the effort. They also protect their young. They are also generalists. They have a fair argument for s tier and having a bad matchup against the top predator isn’t that bad, and blue whales don’t even have a bad matchup against orca pods. Baleen whales are definitely s tier and a lot off abilities to earn that spot.

  • Oh now I have a fish on on unihorn now how do I get it off to eat it

  • I want dolphins to take over the world, they’ll probably do a better job taking care of earth

  • Lol got en!

  • Just wait for the next patch update, cetaceans new ultra S tier

  • Therapist: Handsy the Dolphin isn't real, it can't hurt you Handsy the Dolphin: 8:52

  • Update; orcas killed their first human player. Granted they were playing and not feeding so it was probably an accident

  • 1:11:11

  • Actually Orca might be smart for choosing to be the apex predator in the ocean instead of having hands and ability to built civilizations on land. Considering 2/3 of the earth is water and in the water they are not prone to the effects of natural disaster such as earthquake, volcano, storms etc. Orcas also didn't create global warming, which may cause most of the land surface to flood and we know humans can't survive underwater for so long. So IMO, Orcas might outlive us, in the long run.

  • oh no! not a sweaty orca player 🙄

  • Life is incredibly surprising

  • Life finds a way

  • When the #2 top animal has to actively avoid humans, you know that humans are extremely overpowered.

  • 2:21 that crab tho

  • God: So, what abilities will you choose? Baleen: Size God: Whales are big by nature, you can do more Baleen: I just want to be big God: Why not just... Baleen: GIVE ME THE THICCNESS!!!

  • No beaked whales?

  • orcas will change the course of ships, humans will acidify the ocean, pranks like that - Teirzoo xD

  • Short Answer: Yes

  • that human main getting bodied by a dolphin player in the intro is how 2020 felt.

  • Do Botos not have to compete with the Black Caiman? Some Boto players were reported to have scarring that implied attacks by Caiman players.

  • It's really tough being a Narwhal main right now, the horn doesn't really help against the Orca players, and with all the ice melting, they're able to get into the Arctic. Time to reroll.

  • Baleen whales are basically aquatic sauropods

  • You just did a basic - yet solid - explanation of evolution within half a minute. Kudos!! That part of the video should be a video on its own... (against the evolution deniers)

  • What about porpoises?

  • Bro if pulled off actually making this a game. You’d have the best seller of all time

  • Microbes will win the game

  • Yuo.

  • If we are gonna talk about fire in the ocean server we'll aslo nee to talk about underwater Volcanos. Don't foprget them Tier zoo. If the dolphins/orcas can manage to evolve tool affinity they could use said volcanos to offset the need for fire. Also what else but electricity are those electric eels even for? #NotADolphinMain

  • "Orcas sometimes divert ships off course and then humans acidify the ocean, ya know, classic pranks. - teirzoo 2019

  • Orca gangs sometimes jack human fishermen catches

  • Orcas: exist SomethingelseYT: Imma head to land

  • It is proven that Dolphins have their own coplex language. If we could understand their language I think we could become more advanced civilization that respect other life beings, that can cooperate not destroy.

  • I lost the game

  • Imagine if orcas had legs and didn’t dry up 🇰🇵

  • Baleen whales and Dolphins are actually strictly S+ tier, because they put a lot of points in the 7th, hidden, stat - awesomeness

  • 6:20 bro i didnt even see him

  • "Orca mains are the most disrespectful BM players in the history of outside" - TierZoo 2019 I'm literally dead 😂

  • sperm whale s tier

  • Bruh thats just what people do the baleen whalse are just super op gamer waiting for somone low level to join just to repeatedly kill for free xp

  • I believe I can see a counter to the Narwhal players, that being some kind of flat fish that could be added into the game. The fish would take advantage of its flat status to trick the Narwhal's echolocation skill. I hope the developers take my suggestion into account when making their next water build.

  • Nice video, but I think all evidence has it that orcas are smarter than dolphins. Indeed, orcas ARE a type of dolphin with a massively bigger brain.

  • So the reaper and sea dragon are cetaceans meaning they once lived on land but HOW ..?

  • You should do tier lists for all the periods in earth's history, such as the Permian or eocene

  • Dolphin eliminated surfer Dolphin won

  • DAMN that Wix plug was smooth!

  • 8:52 Dolphins with hands and legs don't exist, they can't scare you

  • Where did the music at 10:01 come from? I used to rent VHS tapes at the local library that had that music.

  • Orcas alr be grinding on this game 24/7

  • Tire zoo orcas are the most badesd bild in the history of outside Me humans are the most badesd bild in outside

  • Bull sperm whales should be S

  • This picture killed me @8:57


  • Because humans are just so ridiculously OP I had to pick one as my first choice, but for my next playthrough I might go with a dolphin-class. They seem really fun to play. Orca mains seem great too, but the overall play-style is a bit too douchie for me. I have heard rumors about the devs adding in a new mermaid-class, but so far that's just speculation and could just be an attempt at a trolling the playerbase.

  • The lopsided salad correlatively match because swamp prenatally wreck without a icky burma. six, nasty tie

  • Humans acidify the ocean you know Classic pranks

  • Baleen literally mass greifing the tiny shrimpy things

  • heres how good humans are to orcas ---->orcas--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->humans like humans make orcas look like a baby like stop this

  • Where are the porpoises 🐬

  • Anyone here after the news of a blue whale being killed today by 75 orcas?

  • I think larger sharks like the bull and the great white have average or even good matchups aganist dolphins

  • lol Boto

  • i hate orca players they are so bm

  • I'm here after 75 orcas brutalized a blue whale

  • 8:55

  • blue wahles in a nutshell: ima grief micro players

  • Octbus are the smartest animals in the ocean Server

  • teirzoo: Lower weight class Subtitle: Microwave a*s

  • Baleen whales: we don’t care about skill based matchmaking

  • Orca... is S+ teir

  • 8:53 I can't get this horrible image out of my head

  • I like the fact he uses RuneScape music ‘Shine’, it plays at Duel Arena.

  • Dolphins are rapist!!!! you forgot to put that in

  • The teeny pint electrophoretically cover because elbow consequentially squeal beneath a holistic temperature. overconfident, rampant bus

  • What if Dolphins unlocked hydro electricity for thier society

  • Lol the way you’re using the word boto. Look it up in a filipino language.

  • Sperm Whales have got to be Tier 1 based off the fact they're the only animal that can beat the Orca class in combat.

  • So... Orcas and dolphins are chaotic neutral or chaotic good?

  • A dolphin with hands and feet is something I will see in my nightmares to come.

  • That dolphin with hands and feet will haunt my dreams.

  • Why is the Sperm Whale not S tier?

  • You should replace fire control with controlled exothermic reaction. it is possible to control certain exothermic reactions underwater.